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Bus or coach passenger accident claims

Passengers suffering personal injury on the road

If you have been injured whilst travelling as a passenger on a bus or public transport vehicle, you might be entitled to claim compensation.

Bus or coach drivers owe all passengers a duty of care. They must drive carefully and responsibly with the safety of passengers and other road users uppermost in their mind. This means that they should not attempt any rash manoeuvres or drive in any way that is likely to endanger the people on board.

It is a fact that because of pressures involved with keeping to strict timetables or simply the stress of being constantly on the road, bus drivers do make mistakes and their errors of judgement very often can lead to injuries being suffered by the occupants of the bus or indeed other road users.

Many of the cases we deal with involve blatant acts of bad driving. Some cases relate to excessive or overly harsh braking that causes passengers to be thrown around the bus unnecessarily. Other accidents are caused by the bus drivers colliding with objects or other vehicles. There are also many cases where other road users collide with buses as a result of their own negligence.

Whatever the circumstances, if you have been injured on a bus you may have a claim. Please call now for immediate advice on your case.