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Cyclist accident claims

Pedal cyclists are among the most vulnerable of road users in the UK. More than 19,000 cyclists were injured on our roads during 2013, sadly 109 fatally.

Accident claims

Most accidents occur as a result of the vehicle driver failing to see the pedal cyclist. The majority of the cases we come across seem to involve car drivers pulling out of side roads or onto roundabouts without seeing the cyclist directly in front of them. The most common injuries are broken wrists and arms caused by the falling mechanism as the cyclist hits the ground. The arms generally are the first part of the body to take the impact.

Cyclists very often get forgotten about in so far as the compensation process is concerned. It is not usually the case that a cyclist has insurance to cover them in the event of a crash. Fortunately there are plenty of services available on the web that offer specialist advice and we are one of them. Our service is completely no win no fee for all pedal cycle accidents.

Cycling safety tips

It may be useful to other road users if cyclists wear protective brightly coloured clothing and safety helmets.

Bikes should have adequate lighting, so they can be seen in the dark. It is still not uncommon to find individuals riding pedal bikes without even the most basic of safety gear. Reduce your chances of being involved in a cycle accident by being as visible as possible.

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