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Divorce Advice

Welcome to our UK Divorce advice section.

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If you are considering separating or undergoing a divorce then you need specialist advice from lawyers who can understand what you are experiencing. There are many emotive aspects at play during family break-ups and it is important that your legal advisor is knowledgeable and experienced enough to help you through a bad patch.

Amongst the many issues to consider during a divorce or separation the most important tend to be:

  • Matters involving children
  • Finances and money

Family law

Family law has undergone a series of changes in the last 18 months. In April 2013 Legal Aid was abolished for huge swathes of family work save for cases involved serious domestic violence and child protection issues.

Legal aid remains available however for family mediation both for the mediation process itself and legal advice from solicitors to support each party through the process. For local advice in North Yorkshire you may want to try: Harrogate Solicitors

In April 2014 big changes came into force :

  • The introduction of the Single Family Court - this means that all cases in a geographical area will be administered centrally and Judges of all levels and Magistrates will hear cases in parallel in the same curt building. The Single Family Court replaces the old Family Proceedings Courts and County Courts. The intention is that the new system will streamline the court process and speed up access to justice. 
  • The introduction of the Child Arrangements Programme which replaces the old system of Residence and Contact (Link to children page)
  • Compulsory attendance at mediation information and assessment meetings (MIAMS) prior to court proceedings being issues in children and financial cases - the intention being to make the Court process the process of last resort and encourage parties to resolve issues other than via formal litigation proceedings.