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Medical Negligence

In order to claim for medical negligence in the UK you must be able to show that:

  • The standard of care expected in relation to the care, skill or advice provided was poor
  • And that this led to an injury being sustained.

You need to establish causation. In other words that the injury or harm caused was as a direct result of the negligent act. If you can show this then a claim for pain and suffering, surgery costs, treatment and potentially loss of earnings can be made.
Your claim may be funded (in other words your legal costs can be paid) in any one of a number of ways:

Legal aid

Legal aid is no longer widely available for claims of this nature. There are some specific exceptions but for most people legal aid will not be an option

No win No fee claims

No win no fee arrangements are now very common in the UK.

Privately funded actions

You can of course choose to "pay as you go" regarding legal costs but this is not usually a sensible option in todays legal market.

Making a medical negligence claim is not an easy step to take but in many circumstances people have no choice in the matter. The injuries sustained are usually very serious and it is important that your rights are fully protected.

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