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Slips, trips and falls

If you have an accident in a public place you may be able to claim compensation for your injuries. Here we cover the most common types of accident that we deal with in the UK.

Tripping on the street

If you fall on the street tripping over a pavement defect for example then your claim would potentially be dealt with by the local council. They have a duty under the Highways Act to keep the pavements in good order and where they fail to do so a claim may be possible. However these cases are, contrary to public perception, notoriously difficult to make.

Fall in a shop

Anyone who trips and falls in a shop or supermarket may be able to claim compensation for their injuries if it can be shown that the fall resulted from negligence on the part of the shop owners or management. Many incidents occur on wet floors due to inadequate signage or where defects with the flooring materials are not dealt with by the management and this leads to say a tripping incident.

It is important that you report any incident to the shop or store management in order to ensure the matter is properly recorded. This may help with your claim further down the line. Medical attention should be sought as a priority for anyone involved in an accident of this type.

Ice related accidents

Ice accidents are probably the most complex. The main reason for this is that the majority of accidents occur on the public highway and  fall into the realm of the local council. It is very rare indeed nowadays that the council will be held accountable for an incident where they can show that they have taken “reasonably practicable steps” to safeguard the public.  Roads for example take priority over pavements and so you cant blame a council for not spending all night making pathways safe at the risk of neglecting the roads. Both areas are important but the roads always take priority.

Ice related accidents on shop, business or employer premises are completely different and may well allow for a claim to be made in certain circumstances.

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