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Whiplash injury claims

Around 125,000 individuals suffer some form of neck or spinal related pain as a result of a car accident injury in the UK.

Fortunately most injuries are relatively minor in severity and symptoms heal within 3-6 months. The medical profession know far more about whiplash related symptoms now than ever before. This means that treatment is far more advanced and more effective than it was even 10 years ago.

It is important however that you receive the correct legal and medical advice if you have been injured on the road or indeed in any other accident.

We specialise in car accident whiplash compensation claims and can help you claim damages and treatment costs. You may be entitled to free physiotherapy or similar treatment if the insurers of the liable party are willing to help your recovery. Most insurers are very proactive and would rather help than hinder your progress.

If you have been involved in an accident and suffered injury – speak to our representatives now and find out more about claiming your compensation.

With our specialist No win No fee road accident legal service you pay nothing if your case fails to succeed.